On September 29th, 2017, the iMAP program in USC’s School of Cinematic Arts will host its first sonic r/evolutions symposium & exhibition—a one-day event offering interdisciplinary discussions on current trends in the production and consumption of personalized, immersive audio and their effects on listening practices and culture.

As the immersive sense par excellence and the sense that spatially grounds us, sound is arguably at the center of the 21st century media evolution, shifting the way we experience both the virtual and the actual through mixed reality, VR, augmented senses, automated voice recognition, and embodied computing. We are interested in the way these technologies alter our perception and anticipate and shape the future of listening. The symposium will be broken up into three panel discussions conducted by researchers working in diverse fields that intersect with the theme of each panel.

These themes include:

  • innovations in audio hardware and software—either on the market or currently in development— that are meant to provide the listener with immersive, embodied, interactive, spatialized, or augmented experiences with audio content;
  • the cultural impact of new trends in sound culture, focusing specifically on how these trends represent/reinforce/interrupt familiar listening modes or other modes of embodied experience in our current media ecology;
  • and creative practices centered around immersive audio in game design, interaction design, and installation art, with specific focus on the role of audio for facilitating embodied encounters with virtual or augmented space.

In addition to the panels, the symposium will also feature an exhibition of cutting edge listening technologies along with audiocentric works that explore interactive sound, immersive audio content for VR and AR, and other artistic interventions that focus on personal listening or immersive sound. Information about submitting a proposal of work for the exhibition can be found here.

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